Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Portraits Around the Globe

One of the great things about travel is watching and observing people.  They are the ones that give life and personality to a place.   In fact one of my favorite things to do is to take public transport; it is there, that you get to see people relax, forget a foreigner is around and be themselves.   A truly great portrait photographer, such as Steve McCurry can give a portrait a soul and true meaning.   These are by no means that level of excellence, but for me evoke memories of the people who inhabited these three continents.

Here are the some of the world's people:

Just north of the former Inca capital, Cuzco, lies the town of Pisac.  In this tiny Peruvian village life is colorful and simple.  I found this women who owned almost nothing, but was still filled with dignity.

In the town of Sintra, Portugal, some people still ride horses daily.  Here a young man cares for his horse, who is not only his friend, but his livelihood.

Just across the border of Europe in Asia, lies Turkey's Safranbolu.  This tiny town still has character and beauty.  For some, like this silver craftsman, his work, is not just his job, but his pride.    I was not the first to find him, in fact, he was written up in the New York Times long before me.   However, his pride in his work and the fact he had been written up was a highlight of his life.

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