Sunday, February 21, 2010

Canadian Rockies

The 2010 Winter Olympics are in Canada this year and in their honor I thought I would present a collage of photos from the Canadian Rockies.   The images you see of British Columbia and Alberta on the television are not trumped up and pale in comparison to seeing them in person.  The mountains of Canada are some of the most impressive this planet has to offer.  Whether you are the driver who barely leaves your car or the hiker who heads deep off the beaten track, you will be overwhelmed in beauty.  This place is so wild and amazing, that I have not been there just once, but three times and each time has been more revealing than the last.

Here are the Canadian Rockies:

I arrived in Canada in late June, hoping to have every trail open for exploration.  Amazingly, almost all the trails that reached skyward were covered in snow and avalanche prone.  We found one lone trail that was snow covered but safe, the Bourgeu Lake and Harvey Lake trail.  It climbed quick and fast and offered views of endless mountain tops and snowy valleys.

As with all forests, the Canadian boreal forests ebb and flow constantly in a time of change.   The trail up Lake Minnewanka was not a disappointment.  It was covered in lush green scenery, mountain top views, raging rivers and even this burn area, where these sheep found a plateau of tasty treats.

Pouring out of the mountains came numerous streams, as this one out of twin lakes just a few kilometers off the main road.

In the far southern edge of the Canadian Rockies lies Waterton Lakes National Park, sister park to Glacier National Park.   It contains all the same beauty of the United States Glacier National Park, the only difference is it is in Canada.   Deep within the park lies this red rock canyon, were water has carved its way into earth showing off a riverbed so red, it does not look real.

Enjoy the views of the United States friendly neighbor to the north.

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  1. Twin lakes run-off rock close-up is my favorite yet! JJ