Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lake Ohrid - The most beautiful lake in the Balkans

Deep in the heart of the Balkans lies lake Ohrid.  They say you haven't visited Macedonia if you haven't visited Lake Ohrid.  They are right.   It is nestled in an amongst the embrace of snowcapped peaks.  A few towns lie on its borders, but mostly it is touched only by rural farmers.   At its deepest it is over 940 feet deep and covers 138 square miles,  One of the most populous towns is Ohrid, where honeymooners and adventure seekers alike can feel right at home.  Just outside of its doorstep is Galicia National park, home to spectacular mountain scenery, walking trails, caves and plenty of adventure.  We made our way from Albania via furgon, taxi, foot and bus to reach our destination. It was no quick journey, but we were not disappointed.

This is Lake Ohrid:

Draped over the rocks on a point near the town of Ohrid, sits one of the most peaceful Byzantine Churches around, the Church of Sveti Jovan at Kaneo.  In the early morning it is easy to see why this was place for medieval monks to find spiritual inspiration.

In the late afternoon a man takes to the water like they have done for centuries by rowboat and paddles.

On the shores of Lake Ohrid, a swan swims and feeds in and amongst the reeds.

Not only swans hangout near the reeds, but so do two freshly painted rowboats.

Yes the Yugo, does still exist and some even still run.

Above the town of Ohrid watches the protective 10the century Car Samoil's Castle.


Nick Graham

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