Sunday, March 13, 2011

Eastern European Trains

For years after the devastating Balkan war, the train between Belgrade, Serbia and Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina remained closed.  A couple months before we arrived though, that severed bond was reattached.   We boarded the train for an 8 hour journey.   Yes, it was long and slow, but it was wonderful.  I could briefly envy Paul Theroux.  We had the cabin all to ourselves, a friendly bellman who constantly brought us coffee and talked politics.  He did not understand why the west did not let Serbia continue to kill who they wanted to.  The US had killed the indians, so why could they not slaughter whom they pleased.  Ah the joy of politics and genocide.

The Reunification Train:   

The train slowly rumbles across Serbia and into Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Serbia's bucolic blur.

Two lone figures.

A station in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

A conductor lumbers along during a brief respite.


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