Sunday, May 15, 2011

Where Moses found the ten commandments?

Deep in the heart of the Sinai Peninsula, lies Mt. Sinai.   The place where Moses climbed to the top of the mountain and received the ten commandments from the Lord.  There are at least 10 spots on the peninsula that claim this honor, however the most likely is just outside of Al-Milga.   Finding myself in the heart of the Sinai Peninsula, I could not miss stopping.  This was a place I could get close to the bible of Judaism, Islam and the Christians.   I had to see for myself.

Enjoy the land of the Bible:

Cindy and I flew from Minneapolis to Egypt and 17 hours later we arrived.  We paused overnight and then at first light boarded a bus for 8+ hours to begin our journey.   We arrived in Al-Milga in time for dinner and to catch the suns last rays.

We awoke hours before sunlight, strapped on our headlamps and walked to the mountain.  There we hired the required guide and walked 2 hours to the summit.  As we awaited sunrise, I could not help but watch the nearby peaks glow in predawn magic.

Finally, the sun began to edge its way skyward as the people gathered on the summit of Mt. Sinai.  I never found a piece of the ten commandments, but I found many people hoping to get a little closer to God.

We left the main cattle trail and headed down the 2000 steps of repentance.  They were hacked out of the mountain rock by a monk, years before.

As we got lower and lower on the mountain, we spotted St. Katherine's, one of the oldest living monasteries in the world.

Inside the heart of the monastery, purportedly grows the burning bush.  The fiery bush where God spoke to Moses.  I can't tell you for sure if that bush in the center is the real thing, but nowhere else claims to have it and no one disputes it.


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