Thursday, June 16, 2011

Final Boundary Waters Images that Escaped the Cutting Room Floor

During any trip, I take lots of photos, sometimes a dozen of a single angle.  I am searching for that the perfect shot.  It is rare that I actually get it, but I keep trying.  Nowadays, with digital photography, it is is cheap and possible to keep everything.  I like to keep my photos, but I am not that much of a pack rat, so I tend to delete about 50% of my images.   My process is to return home and skim the pictures for the gems.   These I may share.  I don't delete any right away, as I am always disappointed in my work at first.  Then with time I return and find them much better.  At this point, I go through and purge the ones I don't like.  As I did my final clean up of the spring 2011 BWCAW trip, I came across a few more images that I thought were worth sharing.

Here is the Boundary Waters:

Sunset on Slim Lake.

A towering beaver damn along the Little Indian Sioux River.

A rare sight in the boundary waters, a sandy beach.

Finding our way after a long portage.


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