Thursday, September 15, 2011

Landscapes of the Outer Banks

Natures landscapes are the best kept secret of the Outerbanks.  Most people head there and rent a house or stay in a hotel and don't even know what their missing.   They only know the sand and the parties.   On the southern islands, there is lots of wild areas, that invite any outdoor lover to take a look. You can't help but like this place.

Here is a final selection of North Carolina's Outer Banks:

Sands swirl across the dunes to form wondrous patters and formations.

Strands of grass arch across the sand holding some of it in place.

Grasses dance in the wind in front of the painted sky.

The Ocean

A single wave.

The remnants of each wave - foam, froth and bubbles.

The last glimmer of light.

And so it ends.


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