Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Black Hills 100 Mile Ultra Run

In June of this year, I headed out to the Black Hills to help crew and pace a friend of mine, Kurt Decker during the Black Hills 100 mile Ultra.   Along for the ride were ultra legend Paul Holovnia and the owner of TCRC Adam Lindahl.   While I was not able to capture the entire story of the race, I managed to sneak out a few times early on to capture the beauty of the Centennial Trail.    Here is an assortment of the story.

The Black Hills 100 Logo.

The crew gets ready to do battle after a pre race shake out run.

Packet Pick-Up.

Some of the best awards on the ultra scene.

Adam and Kurt face off before the start of the 100.

Adam Lindahl, Kurt Decker and Paul Holovnia await the start.

Kurt looking solid in the early miles.

Kurt descends to the second aid station.

Adam looking fresh and wondering why he can't run faster.

Paul crosses one of many rivers on a wet morning.

Kurt nears the halfway.

Rock Country.

Kurt grabs the poles on a mud soaked trail.

Paul hydrates preparing for the long road ahead.

The trail continues on.

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