Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Island of Rhodes

When we were traveling through Turkey a couple of years ago, I heard a few people rave about the beauty of Rhodes Island in Greece. I knew little of the place. All I could remember was the colossus of Rhodes, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world used to stand here. They said it used to straddle the harbor, but recent archeological evidence suggests something different, It probably sat atop a nearby hill. Cindy and I found out that it was a short ferry ride from the kitsch tourist resort of Marmaris, so we made the detour.

We found one of the best preserved medieval towns of Rhodes Town and the extremely picturesque seaside village of Lindos.

Here is one of the Greek Islands:

The picturesque center of the medieval town is still alive with locals and tourists alike. In places the was no place to escape, but down other alleys you were the only one.

So many places that are full of history, they try and bring every nook and cranny back to perfection. Here there is still some character as is found in this time worn door.

About a 2 hour bus ride south of Rhodes town lies Lindos. Their a beautiful village is nestled against the sea under the protection of a medieval fortress. Amazingly, when we were there, they were having a heat wave and temperatures soared over 120 degrees. Fortunately, the sea was nearby.

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