Monday, March 8, 2010

The Sinai Peninsula

When I travel, I really like to pack it in.  Most people would be overwhelmed by what I see in a short amount of time, fortunately Cindy puts up with my wild dreams.  When my wife and I traveled to Egypt and Jordan it was no exception.   Less than 12 hours after we arrived in Cairo, we were on a 10 hour bus ride to Mount Sinai.   We would hit the highlights of the Sinai Peninsula, southern Jordan and most of the Nile Valley in 2 weeks.   Most people would consider us insane by the thousands of miles covered, but to me riding buses, trains and ferries is as exciting as seeing the sights or sitting on the beach.

The Sinai Peninsula is wedged between the Red Sea, the Suez canal and its gulf, the Mediterranean Ocean and Israel.   It is a land that has traded hands between Israel and Egypt numerous times in recent years.  It holds Mt Sinai, where Moses heard God speak from the burning bush and found the ten commandments.   It is dry and harsh at its heart and wet and wild on its coast with some of the best diving in the world.  It is home to the beduin and was crossed by Lawrence of Arabia in storied fashion.  There is no other place like it.

Here is the Sinai Peninsula:

Deep in the heart of the Sinai Peninsula lies Mt. Sinai.  It is a place where you can walk in the footprints of Moses and be awed with breathtaking scenery.  And yes a descendent of the burning bush still exists.

On the east coast of the Sinai peninsula lies both desolate and highly touristed regions, but no matter where you are, the local transport is either a 4x4 or a camel.

Just before dusk, bath time arrives for three beautiful stallions and six boys alike.  If you look closely, you will see Saudi Arabia looming in the distance.  

Enjoy the show.

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