Sunday, July 18, 2010

Glacier National Park's Canadian Sister

Just over the Canadian Border is Glacier National Park's Sister Park - Waterton Lakes National Park.  It is really the same terrain and same beauty, but done Canadian Style.  The visitor area is a small homey little town, instead of mass commercialism.  The trails a little more rugged, the air a little more crisp and the visitors a whole lot less.  The park was Canada's 4th national park starting in 1895 by a Victorian naturalist, Charles Waterton.  A hiker can lace up ones boots and head straight across the Rockies into the US or a boater can cross the Waterton Lake and end up in the same place.  In honor of one of the great black-and-white photographers, Ansel Adams, here it is in his color, but definitely not of his caliber.

Waterton National Park:

The first sites of Wateron National Park on Chief Mountain Highway.

Looking East up Blakiston Creek

Looking west up Blakiston Creek

Anderson Peak in the early morning mist


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