Saturday, September 25, 2010

Frontenac's Last Days in Green

Frontenac State Park is a gem of a place clinging to the bluffs above of the Mississippi River.  Unless you lived in Minnesota, you probably have no idea it exists, but as with most of Minnesota State Parks, they are each beautiful in their own way.  The trails are mix of rolling grassy meadows, cliff clinging single-track and snaking elevated walkways.  After a deluge of rain, I packed up my camera and with my daughter in tow, headed out for hike.  What I found was simply beautiful.   

I often like to play with color and black and white when I process my photos, so here is the world in both.  You decide what you like better:

Frontenac State Park:

Splaying trees in a field of green.

The same tree in black-and-white.

 The waterlogged boardwalk.

The same boardwalk in black-and-white.

A tunnel of trees.

The same tunnel in black-and-white.

After 10 inches of rain, the gentle stream bursts from its banks.

The same river in black-and-white.


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