Sunday, February 20, 2011

Skopje Street Life

With Cindy pregnant, we where not able to spend an overnight on the bus across Kosovo an onward to Bosnia.  So we decided to head through Macedonia's capital for a short outing.   At first we bought our train ticket onward to Serbia in the drabbest train station I had ever been.  This place still breathed communism.   Knocking on an unmarked door we awoke a warren grey suited man from a deep slumber.  His room consisted of a raged desk, a tattered leather chair, 3 dusty bags and one swimsuit poster.  There amazingly we left our bags and headed out.   At first, we were not very excited, but then deep in the heart of Macedonia's capital we found the neighborhood of Carsija, a surprising gem.

Here is the street life:

Skopje families stroll down the avenue of jewelry.

Window side cooking.

A bifurcated intersection.

Watching the day slip by on street-side seating.


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