Sunday, February 13, 2011

Desert Solitude

A couple weeks back, I found myself in Las Vegas.  I have never been much for "Sin City," but what I do love is how close it is to the desert.   I slipped out of town for a quick overnight to Death Valley National Park.  A place that in winter temps of 70 degrees offers great views and fantastic hiking.   In summer on the other hand with temps cresting 130 degrees, it is best seen from the car window.

Red Rock Canyon and Death Valley National Park:

Just outside of Las Vegas is Red Rock Canyon where one can find great climbing mountain biking, hiking and even Joshua Trees.

With mid-day sun approaching, I never expected to spot a desert coyote, but there he was.

No visit to Death Valley National Park would be complete without a stop at Badwater Basin, the lowest place in the United States.

Just outside of Twenty Mule Canyon, the desert lines paint the floor.

Early morning sunrise at Zabriskie Point, the same spot where U2 photographed their Joshua Tree cover.

Another view of Zabriskie Point.

The Mesquite Flats Sand Dunes bake under the mid-day sun.


Nick Graham

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