Thursday, December 30, 2010

Harley Davidson Museum with an IPhone

I found myself at the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin over Christmas.   I have always like motorcycles, but never have owned one and probably won't.  So I went just to see what all the hype was about.   Wow they have it!  Like it or not Harley has branded their company like few others.  Heck people get tattoos of the company on their arms, chests and who knows where else.  This place optimized cool and I left feeling awed.

Harley Davidson began in the basement of one of the founder's mother's home and quickly moved to a 10x15 foot shed before taking over the motorcycle world.   They began as little more than a bicycle company with motors; went on to board racing on velodromes; became the choice motorcycle during World War II; optimized an era of hill climbing machines; were the outlaw's mode of transport and finally morphed into everything that represents freedom.

I found myself in the museum without my normal camera, so I thought I would see what an IPhone could do.

The Harley Davidson Museum:

The oldest Harley Davidson Motorcycle left - serial number 1.   

A 1903 glorified bicycle that made an empire.

Harley-Davidson gains steam during the teens.

The tear drop tank optimizes Harley-Davidson for years.

Blazing ahead at 80 miles to the gallon.

Spinning with that Harley sound.

Easy Rider - The Ultimate symbol of freedom.


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