Sunday, March 27, 2011

Petra - Three Part Series - The Timeless

It has been about a year, since I first posted photos from Petra, it is time to come back and share some more in a three part series - The Timeless, The Treasures and The People.

Petra, unheard by most is a treasure lying in the southern reaches of Jordan.  The area has been inhabited for over 3500 years beginning with the nomadic culture and culminated with rock hewn temples.    Petra shows up in the bible, being inhabited by the Romans and eventually visited by T.E. Lawrence.  Today it is a world UNESCO site that has earned its mark ten-fold.

Here is More from Jordan's Petra:

Just beyond the Street of Facades, lies a series of tombs and of the theatre.

Camels huddled in the early morning.

Locals, both camels and humans alike.

Tombs etched up the side of Petra's hills.


Nick Graham

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