Sunday, April 3, 2011

Petra - Three Part Series - The Treasures

In Petra, rock carvings, tombs and monuments are so common, one can almost become blinded by their beauty.  Nearly every photo, I took, had some sort of tomb in the background.   It is as if they are wallpaper.  Looking back through the images, one does not feel this way, rather amazed at the human effort it took to create them and they beauty they still instill thousands of years later.

Treasures from Petra:

Within 5 minutes of leaving the modern town, begins the treasures, here is Bab-As-Siq's Triclinium.

As one wanders deeper, you reach a narrow canyon of beautiful rock - The Siq.

The view that every visitor craves - The Treasury

Beyond the Treasury lies the The Street of Fascades, as seen here, from the Royal Tombs.   

At the Farthest reaches of Petra Lies the Monastery and eventually views of Israel and a path to nowhere.  


Nick Graham

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