Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bicycle Factories of Taiwan - The Forks

Another key component to the bicycle is the fork.   Forks are made from titanium, carbon, aluminum and of course steel.   At first one would think their production is simple, but there are over 30 steps to produce one for your bicycle.

Here is CWI and the process of fork manufacturing:

Tubes are bent and formed in other factories and arrive ready to be assembled.  The Arc welding puts the legs onto the shaft.

While other forks cannot be arc welded and must be spot welded.   

On the bridge of the fork, lies a hole for mounting fenders and other accessories, drilling is essential.

Once the fork has been welded a whole series of steps occurs, from date stamping to bending the rake.  Here the fork is faced.

The rake of the fork is set.

A series of steps puts the fork in perfect alignment, here the spacing is set.

The final step performed before sending the fork off to be painted, is to attach the break studs.


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