Sunday, April 17, 2011

North Carolina's Outer Banks - The Nature

Just off the shores of North Carolina, lie the islands of the Outer Banks.   They have been sites to the death of the pirate Blackbeard, Civil War battles, the Wright Brothers first flight at Kityhawk and even the sinking of German submarines during World War II.  Today, they are a balance between 50% east coast tourist hot spot and 50% nature refuge. The 50% nature refuge is little visited, offering miles upon miles of untouched beach, grassy dunes and wildlife sanctuary, making it the islands best kept secret.

Here is Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge:

The calm, an hour before sunrise.

The suns arrival.

Painter's light flows onto shore.

Pink shades dance across the sky just after sunset.

An hour after sunset, the eye stretches to see.


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